A Magic School Bus Book for Every Holiday

Guest Blogger  //  Apr 21, 2021

A Magic School Bus Book for Every Holiday

There are so many Magic School Bus books…how do you decide which to read, and when? While you can dive into any of the books all year round to go on a once-in-a-lifetime field trip with Ms. Frizzle’s class, we made a few suggestions based on some special holidays this spring!

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APRIL 22: Earth Day

Since 1970, Earth Day has promoted the importance of environmental protection and sustaining a healthy planet. To celebrate, read The Magic School Bus and the Climate Challenge, where Ms. Frizzle takes her class on an unforgettable trip and explains global warming along the way. You can also read The Magic School Bus: Inside the Earth, where all of the kids travel through to the very center of the Earth!  It’s a great way to learn more about rocks and our planet’s composition.

MAY 2-8: Drinking Water Week

Founded by the American Water Works Association, this week-long holiday recognizes the essential role that water plays in our daily lives. Celebrate by reading the first ever Magic School bus book—The Magic School Bus at the Waterworks—where Ms. Frizzle and her students follow the trail of water from its sky-high source to the bathroom sink.

MAY 7: National Space Day

The first Friday in May is National Space Day, which celebrates all things outer space and STEM education. To get into an intergalactic mood, check out one of the most beloved Magic School Bus books of all time—The Magic School Bus Lost in the Solar System. When the planetarium is closed, Ms. Frizzle saves the day by turning their Magic School Bus into a spaceship!

MAY 9-15: National Hurricane Preparedness Week

During National Hurricane Preparedness Week, people who live in hurricane-prone areas are encouraged to take certain precautions before hurricane season begins. Kids can learn more about these powerful storms in The Magic School Bus Inside A Hurricane, where the Magic School Bus flies through the clouds and experiences a hurricane—and even a tornado—firsthand.

MAY 15 and JUNE 1: Dinosaur Day

Young dinosaur lovers everywhere will be excited to celebrate their favorite prehistoric creatures on May 15th and June 1st this year! Delve deeper into the topic with The Magic School Bus in the Time of the Dinosaurs, in which the Magic School Bus turns into a time machine and transports the class back millions of years for an unforgettable adventure.

MAY 20: World Bee Day

This special holiday marks the birthday of the pioneer of beekeeping, Anton Janša, and celebrates the role that bees play in our ecosystem. Kids can learn more about this fascinating insect in The Magic School Bus: Inside a Beehive, when Ms. Frizzle and her students discover how honey bees find food, make beeswax, and care for their young.

MAY 29: World Digestive Health Day

Every year on May 29th, the World Gastroenterology Organisation launches a year-long campaign that focuses on a particular digestive disease or disorder. Kids can learn more about their own digestive systems in The Magic School Bus: Inside the Human Body, one of the most beloved books in the series. When Arnold swallows the Magic School Bus, his classmates get a close-up look at his stomach, intestines, bloodstream, and more!