Listen up: June is Audiobook Month!

Guest Blogger  //  Jun 9, 2015

Listen up: June is Audiobook Month!

Linda Lee from Scholastic Audio/Weston Woods is here to celebrate the role audiobooks play in helping kids learn to read and love to read. Thanks, Linda!

June is National Audiobook Month--and there are lots of reasons to celebrate audiobooks! Did you know:

  • Audiobooks build and enhance vital literacy skills such as fluency, vocabulary, language acquisition, pronounciation, phonemic awareness and comprehension skills that often boost reading scores.
  • Listening together as a family offers opportunities for shared literary experiences and a springboard for conversation about the titles
  • Audiobooks develop critical thinking and active listening skills
  • Listening allows allows children to enjoy a good book while multitasking – mowing the lawn, practicing sports, cleaning their room, relaxing at the beach, even playing video games while the game sound muted!
  • Readers with learning disabilities and English Language Learners who listen to audiobooks demonstrate increased literacy skills and reading ability

(Source: Audio Publishers Association (APA) Literacy Toolkit)

If you're not sure where to start with audiobooks, here are some titles from Weston Woods and Scholastic Audio that are recommended as exemplary titles:

Grades K-2:  Creepy Carrots (Weston Woods); Seven Blind Mice (Weston Woods)

Grades 3-5: Coretta Scott (Weston Woods); The Dinosaur of Waterhouse Hawkins (Weston Woods); Math Curse (Weston Woods)

Grades 6-8: Chasing Lincoln’s Killer (Scholastic Audio); The President Has Been Shot!: The Assassination of John F. Kennedy (Scholastic Audio)

Are you a fan of audiobooks? Share your thoughts at #audiobookmonth.