The library's place

Deimosa Webber-Bey  //  Apr 15, 2014

The library's place

Library users, young and old

Many the stories they have told

Shushed they were, you see

At their local library

The librarian type-cast as cold!


Yet, below the surface of assumption

Lies the informationists’ true function

Highlighted here, for you, by me

On this National Library Week

We mean to be there for you at the junction.


There is what's called your 'stated need'

The ‘stuff’ we have that you seek  

Fiction, poems, and facts

Biographies and stats

But ‘tis the actual that is our true-ist deed:


Place where immigrants learn English

Place where dropouts re-establish

Place for teens to fit in

Place for homeless humans

Place where our creed is teach them to fish!


Changing lives can be drastic

Libraries do it for the masses

One book (or two) at a time

To each person a light

We share this mission @Scholastic.


Lead a better life, as we say

Read a little something everyday

Know the library’s true role

Information for the soul

At the junction where decisions interplay.