Librarian dedicates nearly 30 years to children's literacy

Alexandra Wladich  //  Apr 15, 2016

Librarian dedicates nearly 30 years to children's literacy

To celebrate National Library Week 2016 (April 10-16), we wanted to share an amazing story of one librarian who has dedicated nearly 30 years of her life to the profession.

Since 1987, Brockton, Massachusetts resident, Jane Clifford (Yes, her last name is REALLY Clifford!) has been a school librarian. Throughout her time as a librarian, Jane has continually put the needs of her students before her own. At 72 years of age, Jane works 35+ hours a week at Trinity Catholic Academy and runs four Scholastic Book Fairs every year.

Jane’s commitment to literacy and hosting the book fair for the students of Trinity Catholic Academy has exceeded all expectations. In October, just mere days before the planned fall book fair Jane fell ill and was admitted into the hospital. Knowing how much her students were looking forward to the book fair Jane sent her husband Mike to the school to run the fair on her behalf. Mike ended up running the fair all week while Jane had emergency surgery. Jane insisted the fair must go on!

Today, Mike still volunteers in the school library for an hour every morning to help Jane get her day started. He takes all the chairs down from the tables and puts all the books that were returned from the previous day back on the shelves.

Jane and Mike’s commitment to literacy doesn’t end at school. This past September Jane and Mike celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Instead of receiving gifts for their anniversary Jane asked her loved ones to donate books to children in need.

Jane and Mike are truly reading role models for the students of Trinity Catholic Academy and they are an inspiration to us here at Scholastic!