Learn How to Make Your Own Craft Yeti with Author Heather Ayris Burnell

Guest Blogger  //  May 5, 2020

Learn How to Make Your Own Craft Yeti with Author Heather Ayris Burnell

Guest post from Unicorn and Yeti author Heather Ayris Burnell.

Hello my sparkly friends! It's Heather here, author of the Unicorn and Yeti series illustrated by the fabulous Hazel Quintanilla. Hazel draws Unicorn and Yeti so adorably, she brings them right to life.

With so many families creating crafts at home, I wanted to show you how you can make your own Yeti with your kids. It’s lots of fun!

 To make one Yeti you will need:

  • A toilet paper tube (or make your own tube out of a white cardstock and tape!)
  • White cardstock or stiff paper
  • Colored paper (White paper works too. You can color it if you like.)
  • Approximately 12 cotton calls
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Fine tip markers (or anything you have to draw with)
  • Glue stick (optional)
  • Construction paper, sequins, glitter glue, feathers, chenille stems, etc. (Optional for accessories)


1. Cut two strips of white cardstock or stiff paper approximately 3” long and ¾” wide for arms. Tape one on each side of the tube at arm height, about ¼ of the way down the tube.

2. Cut an oval out of colored paper. Draw your Yeti face onto the oval, then glue your face onto the tube. (A glue stick works well for this but liquid glue will do as well.)


3. This is the very fun part! Stretch and tear cotton balls to use as fur. Glue them onto your Yeti's body and arms. Keep gluing on cotton balls until your Yeti is as furry and fluffy as you want. (Your fingertips might get a bit messy with sticky cotton but it washes off.)

4. Fill in the top of your Yeti's head by gluing in cotton.

*Tip - If you fold and glue some of the cotton balls over the top hole, it will help hold the other cotton balls on when you fill in the top of the head.

5. Lightly trace around the bottom of the Yeti onto card stock and add feet to the traced circle. Cut out. Put glue on the bottom of the Yeti and press feet on.

6. Now you have your very own Yeti! In Sparkly New Friends, Unicorn makes Yeti a fancy hat to wear. You can make your Yeti a fancy hat too – a top hat out of construction paper, a crown out of pipe cleaners – whatever you like! What other accessories can you make?

If you would like to share your Yeti online, feel free to share with the hashtag #UnicornandYeti and tag me (@heatheraryis on Twitter, @heather_ayris on Instagram) and Scholastic (@scholastic on Twitter, @scholasticinc on Instagram).

Learn more about Unicorn and Yeti here, read an excerpt here, and watch the trailer, below!