From the Kid Reporters’ Notebook

Scholastic  //  Sep 8, 2021

From the Kid Reporters’ Notebook

Welcome to our OOM series From the Kid Reporters’ Notebook. Each month, we’ll share news articles written by Kid Reporters around the world who are part of the award-winning Scholastic Kids Press program. Educators and parents can use these articles to help teach kids about the issues and topics that matter most to them. Here’s our latest roundup of “news for kids, by kids.”

Arts & Culture

  • Zhoriél Tapo talks with Tyler Gordon, a 15-year-old artist from California whose new book showcases the portraits he created of people who inspire him.
  • Zain Abbas recently spoke with the Mitchell brothers of Cleveland, Ohio, who are the happy owners of several ice cream shops that bear their name. 


  • Lincoln Miller take a look at the Ocean Heroes Bootcamp, which offers tools to young people who want to take action against ocean pollution. 
  • Every fall, monarch butterflies head south to warmer climates, but their population has seen a dramatic decline in recent years, writes Teresa Fang.
  • In California, Ella Porter takes a look at the junior lifeguard programs that help kids learn about water safety, first aid, and sportsmanship while having fun. 

Science & Technology

  • Kai Koblentz talks with the FBI’s Edward You about his career fighting bioweapons.
  • John Woo writes about a fourth wave of COVID-19 in South Korea that has escalated fear in this East Asian country of 51 million people.

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