From the Kid Reporters’ Notebook

Scholastic  //  Nov 18, 2020

From the Kid Reporters’ Notebook

Welcome to our new OOM series From the Kid Reporters’ Notebook! Each month we’ll share news articles written by our team of 45 Kid Reporters from around the world who are part of the award-winning Scholastic Kids Press program. Educators and parents can use these timely articles to help teach kids about the issues and topics that matter most to them. From civics to entertainment, here’s our latest roundup of “news for kids, by kids.”

Arts & Culture

  • Would you drink peach juice from a faucet? Nanaka Takahashi, our Kid Reporter from Japan, recently visited a roadside shop that attracts drivers and tourists alike for its famous peach juice.

  • How did people entertain themselves before movies and video games were invented? Hong Kong Kid Reporter Brian Kan King Kun explores the origins of Cantonese opera.

Election 2020

  • Weeks before the election, Kid Reporter Lincoln Miller interviewed kids in Florida about who they thought would win the state.

  • Scholastic Kids Press alum Kyra O’Connor reflects on her time as a Kid Reporter, which included covering the 2016 presidential election.

 “At the start of this semester, I reported on the coronavirus pandemic for my college newspaper. I was out in the field, talking with fellow students as they moved into their dorms wearing face masks. It wasn’t how I pictured the start of my sophomore year, but if I’ve learned anything from being a journalist, it’s that the best stories can start anywhere.” – Kyra O’Connor, Scholastic Kids Press alum

Tips from the Pros 

  • Kid Reporter Cami Cortes recently interviewed Dacelys Martinez, a news anchor and producer at Univision Atlanta about her career in broadcast journalism.
  • What’s it like covering politics “through the lens of a pandemic”? Kid Reporter Annika Petras interviewed two journalists, Arit John from the Los Angeles Times and Brook Staggs from The Orange County Register to find out.

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