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Kid Reporter Summer Recap: Coping with Remote Learning, Campaigning for Racial Equity, Covering Election 2020, and More

Maxine Osa  //  Sep 23, 2020

Kid Reporter Summer Recap: Coping with Remote Learning, Campaigning for Racial Equity, Covering Election 2020, and More

This summer, Kid Reporters in Scholastic Kids Press checked in from across the country and around the world to report “news for kids, by kids.” Focused on the issues that matter most to young people, our Scholastic Kid Reporters have continued to report news from their communities and virtually interview activists, local leaders, and kids throughout the pandemic!

Throughout the summer Kid Reporters in the U.S. virtually interviewed the stars of the Netflix reboot of The Baby-Sitters Club and talked with fellow kids about their e-learning experiences. They also reported about how nonprofits are doing their part to help out healthcare workers, detailed their volunteering experience at a Hawaiian animal shelter, and reported on the latest from the 2020 presidential election.

Check out the Kid Reporter stories from this summer below!

New Jersey Students Cope With Remote Learning

Kid reporter Liset Zacker sits down on a video call with students in her hometown to discuss their own individual experiences with remote learning.

Meet the New Babysitters

Multiple Kid Reporters interview the stars of the Netflix reboot of Ann M. Martin’s The Baby-Sitters Club book series.

This is America — From the Primaries to the Pandemic to the Protests

Kid Reporter Marley Alburez reviews and creates a timeline of the major events that have happened thus far in 2020, as well as where the nation might be headed.

Helping Healthcare Workers in California

Kid Reporter Munveer Singh reports on how two nonprofit organizations in the San Francisco area are doing their part to keep healthcare workers safe during the pandemic. 

Teens Campaign for Racial Equity

Kid Reporter Aanya Kabra interviews two members of Teens 4 Equality, a racial equity group, from her home in Tennessee.

Caring for Rescue Cats in Hawaii

Kid Reporter Lucia Dong details her recent volunteering experience with Poi Dogs and Popoki, a nonprofit organization that rescues animals on the Hawaiian island of Oahu.

A Champion of Immigrants’ Rights

Kid Reporter Zoe Adele Mirchandani interviews immigration lawyer Jorge Baron about how he fights to keep immigrants from being deported.

Mother of Four on the Frontline

Kid Reporter Kennedy Phifer interviews her own mother about her experience working on the frontline during the coronavirus pandemic.

Summer Camp Goes Virtual

Kid Reporter Zhorie’l Tapo reports on how innovative STEM learning facility Central Creativity has recently come up with a way for students to experience summer camp from home.

California Prepares for the Presidential Election

Kid Reporter Ella Porter interviews John Leopold, a representative of the First District on the Board of Supervisors in California’s Santa Cruz County, and explores how the pandemic will affect voting in the upcoming Presidential election.

The Art of Writing Comic Books

Kid Reporter Marley Alburez reports on her own experience teaching a comic-book class this summer alongside her own mother.

Will North Carolina Vote Democratic in 2020?

Kid Reporter Teresa Fang reports on how the effects of the pandemic within North Carolina could affect their votes in this year’s election.

A New “Normal” for New Jersey Schools

Kid Reporter Gavin Naar details on how New Jersey will approach the reopening of schools this year.

Who Will Win Election 2020?

Kid Reporter Andrew Raymundo speaks with local Florida voters to see which presidential candidate they will be supporting in this year’s election.

A Unique Summer Vacation

Kid Reporter Nolan Pastore reports on how recreational vehicles (RV) have become a popular way in which families have been vacationing and social-distancing this summer.

Biden Chooses Harris as His Running Mate

Kid Reporter Annika Petras reports on how Presidential candidate Joe Biden recently chose Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate and interviews political expert Louis DeSipio to learn more about the vice presidency.

Democrats Hold a Virtual Convention

Kid Reporter Claire Olivia Handler reports on this year’s Democratic National convention.

Republicans Make Their Case for President Trump

Kid Reporter Bobby Liberatos reports on this year’s Republican National convention.  


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