Joyce Wan on the trailblazing women in Dream Big

Guest Blogger  //  Jul 15, 2019

Joyce Wan on the trailblazing women in Dream Big

What’s the best way to encourage little ones to dream big?

Sharing examples of people who followed their own dreams…and changed the world!

In her brand new oversized board book Dream Big, Joyce Wan does just that with bright, bold illustrations of female trailblazers such as Rosa Parks, Junko Tabei and Amelia Earhart, paired with hopeful text.

Joyce tells us about three icons she features in Dream Big, why she chose to portray them the way she did, and why she finds their personal stories and messages so inspirational.

Joyce Wan: I wanted to show Harriet Tubman on that first dangerous journey alone to freedom guided through the night by the North Star. She held the light in times of darkness for herself and later on for hundreds of others. To me, she is the epitome of bravery, courage, and compassion. 

JW: This is Frida Kahlo doing what she loved doing most, surrounded by the menagerie of animals and tropical birds that she kept as pets in the lush gardens of her home. Her art, clothes, home, personality—everything about her was so vibrant. Her passion for life and art in light of all her suffering is an inspiration to me.

JW: I wanted to show Jane Goodall in a tender moment with a chimpanzee to demonstrate the love she had for the animals she studied and her work. Not only did she spend years living in the wild studying chimpanzees, she’s wild at heart, full of passion, and determined. Her pioneering spirit and tireless commitment to animals and the planet is a true inspiration.

Watch the book trailer below and click here to learn more!