#IreadYA week is here!

Morgan Baden  //  May 2, 2016

#IreadYA week is here!

In 2013, This is Teen launched #IreadYA, a week-long celebration of Young Adult literature and the joy it brings readers of all ages. The week became a highlight in the children's literature community—so much so that now, This is Teen has rebranded itself as I Read YA, just in time for the 4th annual #IreadYA week celebration!

#IreadYA is a week filled with readers sharing why they loved YA literature, raving about their favorite authors and books, and just generally appreciating this genre of literature and acknowledging its explosive growth over the past decade. From Harry Potter to The Hunger Games to Twilight to the world of John Green, YA lit is a force in the book industry. So let's celebrate our favorite things about it!

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