Introducing Scholastic Teachables: A new online database of teaching resources (giveaway!)

Brittany Sullivan  //  Aug 1, 2017

Introducing Scholastic Teachables: A new online database of teaching resources (giveaway!)

We’re excited to introduce you to the new Scholastic Teachables—a rich online database of teaching resources from Scholastic for every subject, grades Pre-K–6. Previously known as “Printables,” the revamped website features printables, lessons, mini-books and more to help educators plan for the new school year—it’s the smart teacher’s secret weapon!

Browse the new and improved Scholastic Teachables planning site to explore:

  • Improved, easy-to-use search functionality
  • Mobile responsive site—browse from all of your devices!
  • Updated design and organization, including My File Cabinet, which allows you to access your saved resources from any computer or tablet
  • Thousands of curated resources for every grade, subject, and skill level

To learn more about Scholastic Teachables, visit:


UPDATE: This contest is now closed. Thank you to everyone for participating!

To celebrate this launch, were giving away ONE Annual Gold Teachables subscription! To enter, tell us in the comments below how you plan to creatively use Scholastic Teachables in your classroom in the new school year.

One entry per person. All entries must be submitted by 5 PM ET on Friday, August 11, 2017. Open to U.S. residents, 18 and over. See the complete legal rules here.


I love mini books. My kids

I love mini books. My kids think they are like the big Kids when they can read a book. I also like having games available that I can download and use as needed. Having everything available in one place makes it easy to use and less time consuming. Free is also helpful to me as the teacher who has to pay for a subscription like this out of my own pocket. I love and use scholastic products from kids books to teacher resources to games. They have never diappointed.

I've seen the importance of

I've seen the importance of reading first hand with my son. He has struggled through the years with reading and has been below average every school year. It affects so many other learning areas such as spelling, comprehension of instructions, writing and the need for more colorful articulation. The Scholastic book fairs have been a life saver! There are always books that grab his attention! Captain Underpants is his favorite. Also, this will be my first year to teach a Kindergarten & Preschool homeschool group. These resources would ensure me a level of success that I know would please and encourage my parents! There are many online resources available, but Scholastic is a trusted source that we've all grown up with!! Your reputation precedes you well!!

I have always been a

I have always been a proponent of differentiated instruction, and I love the customizable options in the new Teachables materials! This makes it faster and more effective to reach different students in my fifth grade class. I've been a huge fan of Scholastic for years (the office staff knows I'm going to be overly excited every time a Scholastic box shows up for me!), and I appreciate the variety of resources they create. As the lead language arts planner for my team, I can see how these resources offer something useful to all team members, which is important for busy people who make so many instructional decisions every day. I would encourage my colleagues to investigate these tools. I'm especially excited about using editable digital resources, along with mini books for small group instruction. Thank you!

I am an ESL teacher in Puerto

I am an ESL teacher in Puerto Rico. I am always searching for sites, resources and pages that have materials that I can use in my classroom. Teaching a second language is challenging, but if one can count with a variety of resources the teacing process is easier for me . It also will make the learning process easier for my students. Students have a variety of learning styles resources found here will target these and help help them learn. I have used the printables and the free lesson plans and I have been able to adapt them to my students needs.

I plan to use Scholastic

I plan to use Scholastic Teachables in my classroom in the new school year to give quality resources to my teaching practice. I am a Special Education teacher, and I teach in a self contained classroom. I already use scholastic book wizard, taught my students last school year to use this extremely valuable resource, going to teach students this year.

I'm a special education

I'm a special education teacher in a self-contained classroom. Teaching a bridge class (2 or more grades in one classroom) has always been a challenging task for me. I'm constantly searching for the right resources and tools to help my special needs students meet the common core state standards and to better differentiate my instruction as every learner is different. I have signed up for Scholastic Printables in the past and absolutely loved using the materials but it was a bit costly for me each month and I've resorted to creating my own teacher-made resources. Scholastic Teachables would truly be a time-saver for me and I would use the resources to give my students access to various skills and concepts I'm teaching in fun and meaningful way. Thank you for offering this great give-away! Good luck to all! ;)

I would this new website to

I would this new website to find resources that are not available at my school. We lack textbooks and funding. I love so many Scholastic teacher books that having them searchable and at my fingertips would be amazing!!!

I just discovered this

I just discovered this Scholastic site. My school is currently using Scholastic Guided Reading program as well as scholastic books in our classroom library. I teach in a school where many of the students do not have books at home nor access to a public library. The printable books would be amazing to be able to not only use in the classroom but print to send home with my students. Our district is eliminating positions and teacher budgets are next to nothing, I supplement as far as supplies and such, it would be so helpful to have access to the games and lessons on the site as I like to keep new things coming into my plans and it looks like I could do that with the access to this site.

It's back to school time. I

It's back to school time. I've never taught before, and I responded to an ad for a private school that needed someone with a bachelor's degree in any subject. I have nothing lined up, and this would be a lifesaver for activities!

I'm a wife and mom, currently

I'm a wife and mom, currently working on my MEd in Special Education and have accepted a job teaching kids with special needs in kindergarten and first grade. This would be a tremendous help in my daily work helping give my students specialized instruction.

LOVE that it's called

LOVE that it's called Teachables now instead of Printables. I'd use this resource for inspiration and new ideas to keep things "fresh" and current in my Kinder class. I'd also like putting my own spin on what I find by adding an element of technology and/or real-life connections, AND, of course, sharing with my team! Thank you for the opportunity!

There are so many ways to use

There are so many ways to use these fabulous resources. They could be center activities, arrival activities, or a fill in when someone finished early.

As a homeschool mom to a

As a homeschool mom to a kindergarten we're currently using the big book of sight words and the alphabet and phonics tree. Have some math workbooks ready once we master counting to 20. We have a stack of first readers ready. As the holiday get near we have scholastic holiday crafts book to pull. We've been using cutting and tracing pages as well.