Inspiring Young Black Entrepreneurs from Scholastic Classroom Magazines

Guest Blogger  //  Feb 16, 2021

Inspiring Young Black Entrepreneurs from Scholastic Classroom Magazines

Our Scholastic Classroom Magazines editors are delighted to share the stories of eight passionate young Black entrepreneurs, business owners, and creators profiled in their magazines. Share their stories with your students for Black History Month and beyond! Each article features a video and free teaching resources to extend your class.

The Yummy Brothers, a cookie company run by kids

Meet the Billingsleas—Joshua, Isaiah, Caleb, and Micah—all under age 13, are whipping up hundreds of cookies for customers all over the country! Born from old family recipes, the Yummy Brothers turned their baking hobby into their very own business and they have some tips for future entrepreneurs! Check out the Yummy Brothers’ story in Scholastic News for grade 3, a perfect opportunity for inspiration and building key economic skills.

Jonah Larson, 12-year-old founder of Jonah’s Hands

Since starting at 5 years old, Jonah has been crocheting and creating—and now he has turned his hobby into a philanthropic business. Share his story in DynaMath (grades 3‒5) magazine with your students to learn about his process and his partnership with nonprofit organizations to help fund the construction of a library and science lab in Ethiopia.

Jelani Jones, 13-year-old founder of Lani Boo Bath

Since 2018, Jelani has created and sold over 2,500 bath bombs online—she spends much of her time talking to kids about how they can start their own business. Learn about Jelani’s journey to creating the perfect bath bomb recipe and growing a successful business with this article in SuperScience magazine for grades 3‒6.

Callum Daniel, 12-year-old founder of iCodeRobots

After meeting a robot named Titan at age 4, Callum Daniel began building his own bots and has dedicated his time to sharing his skills with other kids. At age 8, Callum started his own company, iCodeRobots. He teaches kids basic coding skills and how to build a different robot each week. Read Callum’s story in Scholastic News for grade 4.

Maya Penn, 20-year-old Eco-Fashion Designer

Introduce your students to Maya Penn, a passionate young creator who started a sustainable fashion company called Maya’s Ideas in 2008. Find out more about Maya and the impacts of the ‘fast-fashion’ industry in this article from Science World magazine (grades 6‒10).


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