Indigenous teen writing

Deimosa Webber-Bey  //  Nov 24, 2021

Indigenous teen writing

As we continue to celebrate National Native American Heritage Month and honor the young Indigenous readers and writers in today's classrooms, we Scholastic librarians looked to the archive.

In particular, we paged through the October 24, 1936 issue (Vol. 29 No. 6) of The Scholastic Magazine, which focused on current events in 'Indian Country' at the time. This issue includes poems and essays written by Native American students in the weekly Round Table column, a section of the magazine that was open to all undergraduate high school students interested in creative writing.

The following poem is one of four written by a group of students at the Tohatchi School in New Mexico, "one child furnishing one line and one another," that was published in the column that issue:


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