I Read YA Week is officially here!

Guest Blogger  //  May 18, 2015

I Read YA Week is officially here!

Two years ago, This is Teen shared a simple statement: “I read YA.”
As it turns out, a lot of people read YA and are shout-it-from-the-rooftops proud about it. (As they should be!) From May 18-22, we’ll be celebrating young adult books by sharing #IreadYA on social media.
We love YA and believe readers of all ages should feel proud to love great stories. So if you’ve ever cried while reading, gone to a midnight book release party or just really love young adult books, then this week is for you!
Follow #IreadYA on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram and celebrate YA with your favorite authors and other fans! You’ll read why authors write YA and receive excellent book recommendations for 2015.
Plus, all week long you’ll have the chance to enter to win an epic #IreadYA prize pack. Learn more right here!
You can start by downloading your own I Read YA logo to share on your own social channels!
#IreadYA events will be happening online all week long: 

  • Monday 5/18: Share why you love reading and writing YA!
  • Tuesday 5/19: Play #YAlliteration!
  • Wednesday 5/20: #WOW Learn about exciting upcoming YA releases!
  • Thursday 5/21: #tbt What is the book that got you into YA?
  • Friday 5/22: Share your YA Book recommendations!

For the best and latest in YA books, follow This is Teen on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. Happy #IreadYA week!

- Lauren Festa, Scholastic Trade Marketing