HeARTful Ways to Spend Your Days

Guest Blogger  //  Mar 23, 2020

HeARTful Ways to Spend Your Days

Guest post by Sandra Magsamen, author of I Love You, Honey Bunny.

As an artist, Art Therapist, and mom, the arts have been a gift to me every day of my life. I believe that the arts play an essential role in our lives and perhaps even more so in the days that are more challenging. The arts heal, they inspire, they calm, they share and at their heart, they are an expression of love. All of these things we need now, perhaps more than ever.

In the coming weeks, parents and caregivers will be tasked with managing the daily educational needs of their little ones and trying their best to maintain a sense of calm and normalcy. That is why, I wanted to share these heARTful activities that you and your little ones can do together at home. I call them heartful because each activity will have a creative component and they will help us share what’s in our hearts. These activities are designed to be fun, joyful, kooky, and creative adventures filled with lots of laughter. But, most of all, they will inspire memories and meaningful moments that will last a lifetime!

All downloadable activity sheets can be found here!

Activity 1: I Love You, Honey Bunny!

Inspired by I Love You, Honey Bunny, this artful activity involves coloring, gluing, and asks little ones to create a meaningful and thoughtful piece of art while they explore the love they feel for their caregiver and the caregiver showers the little one with lots of love!

Using the printout, work with your little one to color in the bunny in their own unique way. Once you have completed coloring, glue cotton balls to the bunny tail to create a masterpiece! Now, finish the sentence, “I love you because…” Hang your art up on the fridge, the wall or create a keepsake folder for all the treasures your little one will make during his time.

Activity 2: Paper Flower Bouquet

You’ll need: Flower cutouts sheet or colored paper/magazine pages if you don’t have a printer, popsicle sticks, twigs or straws, crayons/markers/colored pencils/watercolors, a glue stick or tape, and scissors.

Together color in all paper flowers and leaves and help your little one by cutting out each flower and leaf. Glue or tape twigs found in your yard, popsicle sticks or straws to the back of each flower to make a stem. Put flowers in a cup or vase to make a beautiful bouquet. Place your special bouquet in the window to brighten the day of all who see it! You can also take a photo and email to your family and friends saying “sending you a bunch of well wishes!

Activity 3: You Are My Sunshine Puppet

You’ll need: Orange and yellow felt or construction paper, a glue stick, a black marker or pen, and scissors.

Cut out a round piece of yellow felt, small rectangular strips of orange felt, and one long rectangular piece of orange felt the diameter of the yellow circle. If you don’t have felt, use crayons, colored pencils or markers to draw a sun. Have your little one draw a shiny, happy face on the yellow circle using a black marker. Glue small rectangular strips around the back of the yellow circle and then glue a long rectangular piece on either end of the back of the circle making a small pocket that holds two fingers. You’ve just made a puppet!

To share the fun, make a video of your little one singing “You Are My Sunshine” to show your family and friends online! You’ll be sure to brighten everyone’s day!

Activity 4: Mosaic Heart Mobile

You’ll need: Blank paper or colored construction paper, crayons/markers/colored pencils, scrap paper/magazines, string/ribbon/yarn, a glue stick, and scissors.

Have your little one draw a big heart shape on a piece of blank paper and then cut it out. Together, rip up lots of pieces of colored paper/construction paper or magazines. Using the ripped pieces of paper, fill in the heart shape on both sides. Make a small hole at the top of the heart and tie a piece of string or ribbon to the top to create a loop. Hang the finished heart in the window or on your front door! Make one a day with your little one and fill your windows to spread lots of love!

Activity 5: BeeCause I Love You

You’ll need: The Bee Cutouts sheet, the story maker sheet, black and yellow craft paper (you can also color in strips of paper), toilet paper rolls, scissors, and a glue stick

Wrap strips of black and yellow construction paper around the empty toilet paper roll to craft the body of the bee. Cut out the wings, head and antenna for your little one and instruct them to glue each piece onto the bee’s body. Help your little one fill the short story maker one page by asking them to fill in the blanks. Once you have crafted your own story, read the story aloud for your little one as they act it out! Video or photograph yourselves acting out your unique story to send to family and friends!

Activity 6: FaceTime ReadingTime

All you’ll need for this activity is the My Library printout and your favorite stories!

Ask your friends and family to join a group chat and take turns sharing your favorite books as you read aloud to your little ones! Using the printout, keep a list of all the books your family loves and document reading time participants!


Share your artful activity masterpieces using the hashtag #HeARTfulDays and #Scholastic.