Happy Wildlife Day from Scholastic Magazines!

Guest Blogger  //  Mar 3, 2020

Happy Wildlife Day from Scholastic Magazines!

Guest post from Lera Salmon, Scholastic Classroom Magazines

We love introducing students to amazing wildlife with Scholastic Classroom Magazines. To celebrate World Wildlife Day this year, we compiled some of our favorite wildlife articles so that your students can learn about biodiversity, ecosystems, and conservation efforts happening around the world. 

Scholastic News | Grade 1

Don’t Mess With This Dad

Your first graders will love learning about how the glass frog father protects his eggs with this fun lesson from Scholastic News. Plus, discuss the stages of the frog life cycle with an engaging video.  

Scholastic News | Grade 2

Look Both Ways, Elephants!

Why did the elephant cross the road?! Your second graders will have the answer after reading Scholastic News’s March 2020 issue about wildlife corridors and how they keep animals safe in their habitats.   

DynaMath | Grades 3–5 

The Great Gorilla Count 


Read about a team of researchers surveying mountain gorilla habitats in the mountains between Rwanda, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Illegal hunting and logging puts the animals at risk. Researchers are working hard to help the gorillas by protecting their habitat and destroying traps set by poachers. Students can read this article and complete word problems with this accompanying algebra skills sheet

Science World | Grades 6–10

The Wolves of Isle Royale 

In this intriguing article from Science World, your students will read about how the famous wolves of Isle Royale National Park were saved from extinction, while also gaining  insight into the complex and changing relationships between predators and prey.

For more information and articles from Scholastic Classroom Magazines that spark curiosity, inspire empathy, and ignite a passion for learning, including stories about wildlife and the environment, visit scholastic.com/classmags

To learn more about World Wildlife Day, visit https://www.wildlifeday.org/.