Happy National Teacher Day!

Alexandra Wladich  //  May 5, 2015

Happy National Teacher Day!

Today is National Teacher Day, a part of the National Education Association’s (NEA) annual Teacher Appreciation Week which honors teachers across the country. It’s no surprise that we adore teachers here at Scholastic, so we wanted to share a few of our favorite teacher related stories, resources and moments!

From the work educators do in the classroom to the time they spend supporting learning beyond the school day, there is no doubt that teachers have a lasting impression on their students. In this article in the Huffington Post, President Obama reflects on his favorite teacher and highlights the importance of having passionate educators to ensure student success. Remembering his fifth grade teacher, President Obama says, Ms. Hefty taught me that I had something to say -- not in spite of my differences, but because of them. She made every single student in that class feel special.”

We know that a teacher’s job extends far beyond the bell. To help educators have smooth school year with the tools they need most, Scholastic.com offers a number of free printables including graphic organizers, reading and writing worksheets, school-to-home communications, inspirational posters and more. In addition, the Scholastic Top Teaching bloggers reflects on their time in the classroom and share ideas for DIY gifts that teachers will love.

Being an educator is not an easy job. However, when you work with imaginative children laugh out loud moments are simply unavoidable. Here are some of the funniest compliments teachers have received, as seen in Instructor Magazine.

  • Bring in the Clowns: When I was student-teaching second grade, a child told me, “I really like your eye shadow. It looks like a clown!” I never wore that color combo again. —Michelle L.
  • Happy Early Birthday: One of my first years’ teaching, my class made me a Happy 30th Birthday card. When I told them I wasn’t yet 30, they said, “We guessed you were, like, 40, so we thought you’d like getting a 30th birthday card!” —Jenna O.
  • Law of Attraction: “You really like science. I bet you talk to your magnets when we are gone.” —Cindy P.
  • Graduation Day: One of my kindergarten boys patted my arm and told me that when I grow up, I can teach first grade.—Trichel H.
  • Weird in a Good Way: A student said, “You are like Ms. Frizzle” (from The Magic School Bus series). I asked how. She answered, “You are kind of weird.”—Joan C.
  • Well Defined: “Vast means great in size, immense. Now, can someone use the word vast in a sentence?” “Mrs. Housey is very vast.” Uhmph! I was pregnant.—Amber H.
  • Toothsome Compliment: “Is your mom or dad a dentist? ’Cause you have really nice teeth!” —Annie C. 

Wishing you all a VERY happy National Teacher’s Day!