Happy Mentoring Month!

Alexandra Wladich  //  Jan 9, 2014

Happy Mentoring Month!

Happy New Year and Happy National Mentoring Month! Now more than ever children need positive role models in their life. It is proven that young people who participate in mentoring programs are more likely to pursue higher education than those who did not participate.

As single parent households and adults working longer hours become increasingly common it is not unusual for many children to go home from school to an empty house. Teachers are looking for mentors in the community to be their partners in learning and help introduce students to different careers and life experiences. 

Anyone can be a mentor—it’s not just limited adults in the world of education. Children need to be exposed to all walks of life and be able to relate with someone similar to them. Mentoring programs are an outlet where diversity and differences are celebrated and welcomed.   

Need a starting point for creating a mentoring program? Check out Scholastic R.E.A.L., a program devoted to giving school districts the tools needed to recruit, encourage and equip mentors to inspire students and build literacy skills.