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Graphix novels to get excited about in Spring 2020

Guest Blogger  //  Dec 12, 2019

Graphix novels to get excited about in Spring 2020

It’s #TeachGraphixWeek here at Scholastic. All across the country, teachers and students are checking out activities and videos from Scholastic authors and experts on how to use Graphic Novels in the classroom!

So what better week to share the Spring 2020 Graphix Online Preview!

The Spring 2020 Graphic Novels list, like the category as a whole, includes books with a variety of levels, genres and themes. If you aren’t reading Graphic Novels, we have a ton of reasons you should be! For all kids, reading graphic novels challenges critical thinking skills, providing multiple ways to take in information. With fewer words, graphic novels often also have a more advanced vocabulary than other books and the integrated illustrations provide contextual clues, allowing kids to decode these harder words. Along the way, they pick up fluency and, of course, confidence from reading a longer book!


If those weren’t enough reasons for wanting to read a Graphic Novel, here’s 6 more:


You can also check out the Full Spring 2020 Online Preview Catalog and Enter to Win a set of Advanced Readers at the bottom of the page so make sure to keep scrolling!