Get a Sneak Peek of Future Purrfect (Sparks! #3)

Sara Conway  //  Mar 16, 2022

Get a Sneak Peek of Future Purrfect (Sparks! #3)

Charlie and August go on vacation to get some much-needed rest, but trouble always finds them in the newest installment of the Sparks! graphic novel series!

Charlie and August, the kitty duo who control the incredible Sparks costume, are exhausted. It's hard work saving people all the time! So what better way to relax than to get away to a beautiful tropical island? But when weird things start to happen and they discover that the island holds a surprising secret, they're blasted off on their craziest adventure ever. And this time they have to save themselves!

Start reading Future Perfect (Sparks! #3) by Ian Boothby and illustrated by Nina Matsumoto below!


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