Get ready for back-to-school with 5 free resources from Scholastic Magazines

Guest Blogger  //  Aug 26, 2019

Get ready for back-to-school with 5 free resources from Scholastic Magazines

From classroom setup to icebreaker activities, back-to-school is an exciting and busy time that can become overwhelming. To ease teachers into the new school year, we want to offer some of the best free resources from Scholastic Classroom Magazines.

My Big World, PreK

“Let’s Start School”

Welcome your early learners to school with this free issue of My Big World magazine. Encourage student participation with our seek and find classroom shapes online game. And try our social-emotional learning activity that will celebrate their new classmates.

Scholastic News, Grade 2

“School Long Ago”

Your second graders will love this Scholastic News issue that will prompt them to compare and contrast school 100 years ago with school today!

SuperScience, Grades 3–6

“Hanging with Sloths”

Teach your students about how an animal rescue center in Costa Rica is spreading the word about the dangers sloths face in tropical rainforests.

Junior Scholastic, Grades 6–8

“I Had to Run for My Life” 

Student. Friend. Refugee. Marie Claire is one of 25 million refugees worldwide. Share Marie Claire’s incredible story of her escape—and how she started over in the U.S.—to help your students understand the refugee crisis.

Scholastic Action, Grades 6–12

“The Superstar Author”

Show your striving readers how author Jason Reynolds went from hating reading to writing 12 books of his own. Our editors interviewed Jason to ask about what makes a strong writer and advice he has for struggling readers. 

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