Get Ready for The Baby-sitters Club On Netflix

Mackenzie Cutruzzula  //  Jun 30, 2020

Get Ready for The Baby-sitters Club On Netflix

Say hello to your friends! The Baby-sitters Club comes to life on Netflix on July 3. Get ready to head back to Stoneybrook, CT, and check out our member in training guide below.

If you're interested in being a future member of the BSC, get started here:

Read The Books

When Kristy Thomas has the great idea to form a baby-sitters club — a chance to earn money and spend time with her friends, all while doing something they each love to do — she has no idea how much the club will change everything.

Jump into the story of Kristy, Stacey, Claudia, Dawn, and Mary Anne from Ann M. Martin. There's a Baby-sitters Club book for every reader including the original novels, the graphic novels, and the Little Sisters novels!

Watch The Trailer 

Check out the trailer for The Baby-sitters Club below!

Call The Phone Line

Find out which member of The Baby-sitters Club you are, get business tips, and download your membership card by calling the BSC phone line.

Listen to Ann M. Martin and the Netflix Cast on the Scholastic Reads Podcast

Congratulations! You're officially ready to be a member of The Baby-sitters Club. Stream on Netflix starting July 3! For more Baby-sitters Club fun like our Facebook page, and follow Netflix Family on Instagram.