FREE World Read Aloud Day Resources from Scholastic Magazines+

Amanda Livingston  //  Jan 27, 2022

FREE World Read Aloud Day Resources from Scholastic Magazines+

Celebrate World Read Aloud Day with us on February 2 with these fun read-alouds. This free collection of fiction and nonfiction stories give every student the chance to experience the joy of reading to others.

Grades K-2
Can You Whistle Like a Groundhog? In Let's Find Out, the kindergarten magazine for early learners, students will examine groundhogs and their homes, as well as their behavior through the seasons. Read this issue with your students OR use our text-to-speech feature to have the text read aloud. Included teaching resources feature a background-knowledge video and a hands-on activity.

For Grades 1 and 2, share this story about a school project that helps Jen see her partner in a new light. Storyworks 2 inspires and empowers students with fascinating and authentic stories! This lesson includes a skill-building sheet, step-by-step lesson plan, and video.

Grades 3-5
Empower your third grade students with Bellen Woodard's powerful story about how she provides children with diverse skin-colored crayons in DynaMath. Or learn more about tasty traditions with Native American chefs who are celebrating their people’s culture through food in SuperScience! Included teaching resources available include skill-building sheets and a step-by-step lesson plan.

For students grade 4 or above, read about Isaiah Bingham's story, a legally blind 12-year old who won't let anyone stop him from following his dreams. This Scholastic News 4 issue includes a step-by-step lesson plan, skill-building sheets and video.

Grades 6-12
Read a short story about Aleena and what she learns about being an older sister in Scholastic Scope, the middle-school ELA magazine. Teaching resources feature a step-by-step lesson plan, skill-building sheets and audio read aloud. In grades 7-12 help your students stand up for their beliefs and read about how Najah Aqeel is helping athletes of all religions to play sports in Scholastic Choices.

How will you read aloud? Join us from January 31 to February 2 for our #WorldReadAloudDay Book Fest! Sign up for the full schedule of events and to download the virtual kit with read-alouds, printables, virtual backgrounds and much, much more.

By Bobby McCabe