Free resources for St. Patrick’s Day

Alexandra Wladich  //  Mar 12, 2015

Free resources for St. Patrick’s Day

Teach your students about Ireland’s most widely celebrated holiday, Saint Patrick's Day, with these free resources from

●These lesson plans and fun learning activities will help your class celebrate Irish culture.

●From magical door decorations to creative bulletin boards check out this extreme classroom makeover!

●Try this clever way to introduce persuasive writing to students — through the Blarney Stone's mythical "gift of gab!"

●Learn why so many people where green on St. Patrick's Day

●Browse our list of recommended titles for St. Patrick’s Day

●Have your students tap their creativity to prepare leprechaun traps, and then share how they work!

●Get your class into the festive spirit with this easy-to-make decoration that uses green glitter and green construction paper. You may want to set up a glitter station to prevent your whole room from turning green!

●Celebrate the luck o' the Irish with printable leprechaun hats, pots of gold, and more.