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Free Insect Lessons for Earth Day from Scholastic Classroom Magazines

Guest Blogger  //  Apr 15, 2021

Free Insect Lessons for Earth Day from Scholastic Classroom Magazines

From the editors of Scholastic Classroom Magazines

Get ready for Scholastic’s Live Earth Day Celebration on April 22 with entomologist Dr. Samuel Ramsey with these free insect lessons from Scholastic Classroom Magazines for grades Pre-K-4!


Your early learners will love reading about bees, their hives, and beekeepers. Explore this issue of My Big World and you’ll get access to a knowledge-building video all about bees, an interactive build an insect game, and skills sheets to develop their counting and gross motor skills.


Dive into a great sequencing lesson about the ladybugs’ life cycle with this issue of Let’s Find Out. Your little learners will love showing off their ladybug moves with the included “Dance Break” video!

Grade 1

Use this issue from Scholastic News with your first graders to start a classic springtime lesson: the butterfly life cycle! Engage your first graders with a background knowledge-building video, vocabulary slide show, and a butterfly dance activity.

Grade 2

Insects, insects everywhere! Even the ones we consider pests! In this Scholastic News issue for grade 2, your students will learn about why stinkbugs are a problem and what different types of bugs they might see this summer! This article includes an online game, a senses activity, and more!

Grade 4

Check out how 9-year-old Elizabeth Downs is helping honeybees in this article from Scholastic News for grade 4. Your student will learn why she’s raising about 150,000 of these powerful pollinators to help keep this endangered insect buzzing!


Keep the learning going! RSVP today for Scholastic’s Earth Day Live Event on April 22nd at 1 pm ET. For more information and articles that spark curiosity, inspire empathy, and ignite a passion for learning from Scholastic Classroom Magazines, visit