Free Educational Articles and Activities for Earth Day

Langley Leverett  //  Apr 12, 2024

Free Educational Articles and Activities for Earth Day

Earth Day is observed by 190 countries worldwide and serves as a powerful reminder of the importance to advocate for global sustainability and conservation efforts.

At Scholastic, we are excited to celebrate the many fascinating environments and ecosystems that make up our planet. Scholastic Magazines+ is sharing a handful of free content* to help students, educators, and families learn more about the globe and how they can create positive change for our planet. 

From learning about recycling, to introducing critical issues like pollution and endangered species, there’s so much to be uncovered by young learners everywhere!

Keep reading below to learn more about Earth Day with resources from Scholastic publications including SuperSTEM, Scholastic Math, and Scholastic ScienceWorld!

  • My Big World, “Our Big, Beautiful Earth(Preschool)*

    • This themed lesson plan includes videos, games, hands-on activities, and skill sheets to engage preschoolers. Introduce on-topic vocabulary and practice skills such as group discussions, critical thinking, counting, and more. 

  • Let’s Find Out, “Thank You, Trees!(Kindergarten)*

    • Introduce your kindergarten students to the beauty of the Earth’s ecosystem with a feature about the diversity of trees. Explore how flora and fauna play an integral role within the planet to provide habitats, oxygen, and food. Then, with a hands-on activity, make crayons, play games that explore pollution and littering, and watch introductory videos about the importance of conserving the Earth’s sights and features.

  • Scholastic News 1, “Earth of Wonder(Grade 1)*

    • Dive into the Earth’s wonder with this interactive issue for first graders that explores environments ranging from mountains, oceans, skies, to soils. Show kids how each climate depends on one another, and ways to preserve these ecosystems. 

  • Storyworks, “Rescue in the Rainforest(Grades 4-6)*

    • Travel to the rainforests of Costa Rica to meet Snow White the Sloth, who miraculously recovered from a near-death experience, thanks to local conservationists who raced to help her heal. For grades 4-6, students will learn how changing environments can be deadly to local animals and how important it is to preserve animals’ homes. 

  • SuperSTEM, “Would You Rather Banish Ocean Trash or Zap Dirty Air?(Grades 3-6)*

    • This issue discusses how ocean and air pollution affect the planet and details how each contributes to differing ecosystems. Students will also learn about the different laws and policies that have been placed to offset these trends. 

  • Scholastic MATH, “What Can We Recycle? Mixed Skills Article for Students(Grades 6-9)*

    • Introduce the basics of recycling and how this process has evolved over the past two decades. Test your learners’ recycling smarts using the question and answers within and challenge algebraic skills with several recycling themed prompts.

  • Scholastic ScienceWorld, “Why Have So Many Animals Invaded Florida?(Grades 6-10)* 

    • Peek into Florida’s ecosystem with this article that examines how innovative animals can impact an environment. Review new vocabulary words such as “invasive,” “endangered,” and “exotic pet trade.” and engage your students in critical thinking policies that protect the state’s natural ecosystem. 

*Content available for a limited time only. 

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