Five easy ways to be a reading role model

Alexandra Wladich  //  Nov 2, 2016

Five easy ways to be a reading role model

November is “National Inspirational Role Models Month.” To celebrate, we wanted to share some ways you can be a reading role model.

At Scholastic,we know that children are more likely to aspire to success and to become lifelong readers and learners if they have role models at home and in the community. Here are some simple ways to show the children in your life you value literacy: 

Let your kids catch you reading! Kids will be what they see. If they see their role model reading, they too will want to read!

Make time to read aloud. Kids & Family Reading Report™: 5th Editionshows that kids ages 6–17 overwhelmingly enjoy read-aloud time. More specifically, the report uncovers, when it comes to being read aloud to at home, more than eight in 10 children (83%) across age groups say they love(d) or like(d) it a lot—the main reason being it was a special time with parents.

Leverage the power of choice! Ninety-one percent of children ages 6–17 say “my favorite books are the ones that I have picked out myself” (Kids & Family Reading Report).

Have books at home accessible for children. Research has shown, children who grow up with books in the home achieve higher educational attainment than those who don’t.

Communicate with your child’s teachers. Show your child you value reading and the importance of education. Teachers are looking for parents to be their partners in learning and promote the importance of education to children and at early age. By extending learning at home and holding education to a high standard, parents will give teachers the support they need.

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