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First of Its Kind “When Women Lead” Education Summit in Washington

Langley Leverett  //  Aug 2, 2023

First of Its Kind “When Women Lead” Education Summit in Washington

This June, more than 200 education leaders from across the nation gathered in Vancouver, Washington, for the “When Women Lead'' Summit.

The event, which was hosted by Voices4Equity and sponsored in part by Scholastic, brought together women executives from the field of public education to engage in deep dialogue on gender and racial equity, policy leadership, and educational technology equity.

The Summit was an innovative learning experience full of women equally passionate about developing current and future leaders in the education field. Rose Else-Mitchell, President, Education Solutions at Scholastic, participated in a panel discussion focused on inclusive practices surrounding women in leadership and how women can be inspired to see themselves as influential and powerful leaders in an executive function.      According to a research project done by the ILO Group and National Center for Education Statistics, only 30% of superintendents in the largest 500 school districts in the U.S. are women, while a whopping 77% of teacher positions are held by women.

The goal of the When Women Lead Summit is to confront these disparities in leadership head on, and over time, develop more equitable ways for women to access leadership roles and positions within the education industry and beyond.