Ever had an overdue library book? We can relate

Alexandra Wladich  //  Mar 31, 2016

Ever had an overdue library book? We can relate

Last week Mashable featured a story about an overdue library book returned after 49 years with an apology note. According to the article, James Phillips, who was a freshman when he checked out History of the Crusades in 1967, has technically been fined two cents each day for the last 49 years. Luckily for Phillips, the school has waived his more than $350 fine.

This story insprired us to share our overdue library book confessions:

Megan: I lost a book when I was in 4th grade and lied about it. I told my mom I had returned it and the librarian must’ve just made a mistake. I finally caved and admitted I didn’t know where the book was. My mom made me go apologize to the librarian and offer to pay for the book. I still remember how nervous I felt the morning I had to go tell her. Lesson learned.

Julia: I do have in my home a Dr. Seuss book that was due back to the library c 1988. But it’s not my fault! This is the story: a family member (whose child is now 30 years old) recently gave us a bunch of old picture books for my daughter. Among the stack was a library book, stamped and labeled as such on the spine, and it even has the due-date card glued to the back and everything. This is awkward, because my daughter understands what it is, and has a general sense it’s a library book that should go back. I don’t intend to return it at this point, but it’s also hard to explain to my 3-year-old why we have to return our library books, but this one is different. Let’s just say it’s an evolving conversation in my house.

Josephine: I actually have an overdue book right now. I borrowed Not That Kind of Girl from the New York Public Library but I got sidetracked by the book, Untwine, which I am currently reading for book club I participate in. The book Not That Kind of Girl was due this past Saturday, but I haven’t had time to return it because of Easter tasks and traditions.

Morgan: I never had a late library book, but I did once discover a copy of The Great Gatsby sometime during college that I had never returned to my 10th grade teacher! I felt terrible. But also lucky, because that’s a great book.

Michael: I have never had an overdue book. My mother was way too type-A with my library book dues.

Brittany: I have never had an overdue library book! I think I would feel too guilty to ever keep a book without returning it on time. I recently joined the New York Public Library, so hopefully I can keep my flawless record!

As for myself, I am with Mike and Brittany. I have never had an overdue book. By nature I am a planner so scheduling to bring my books back to the library has always been part of planning my daily agenda.