Cover Reveal: Standing on Her Shoulders

Guest Blogger  //  May 4, 2020

Cover Reveal: Standing on Her Shoulders

This is a guest post from Monica Clark-Robinson, author of Let the Children March, a Coretta Scott King Honor book for illustration.

I’m so very excited to be sharing the wonderful art that Laura Freeman created for the cover of our book, STANDING ON HER SHOULDERS. It inspires me, thrills me, and makes me want to be the strongest set of shoulders I can be for our future.

I wrote this book as a love letter to the women in our families and communities, and to the fierce pantheon of women in history who are standing behind us, generations strong. Laura’s art inside the book features a multigenerational family sharing family photos as well as stories and photos of the trailblazers who paved the way for all of us. I like to imagine women and girls around the country doing the same together as they share this book. STANDING ON HER SHOULDERS is an invitation to each girl to remember, to appreciate, and to honor female heroes, both personal and historical. It is also a call to be aware that they, too, will be the shoulders our future will stand on. My hope is that the text and art in this book empowers and inspires young girls for generations to come.

Standing on Her Shoulders by Monica Clark-Robinson, illustrated by Laura Freeman will release February 2021.