Cover reveal! Foxcraft: The Elders by Inbali Iserles

Guest Blogger  //  Apr 11, 2016

Cover reveal! Foxcraft: The Elders by Inbali Iserles

Today, award-winning author Inbali Iserles is revealing the cover of Foxcraft: The Elders and exclusive art from the second installment of her vivid, imaginative and spellbinding magical fantasy middle grade adventure trilogy!

In book two (The Elders), Isla’s journey continues into the Wildlands as she seeks out her missing brother. As she travels, she finds her path is drawn inexorably toward the Elders, a group of wise and powerful foxes who have mastered the secrets of foxcraft. 

Here's more about Foxcraft 2: The Elders from Inbali herself:

Hello readers!

I can’t wait to share the next installment of Foxcraft with you, Book 2: The Elders. The cover is so beautiful, conjuring up the magic and mystery of the Wildlands.

When I was thinking through the series – before I’d written a single word – I already knew that each book would take place in a new location. Red foxes are incredibly adaptable. These stunning, inquisitive animals can be found as far south as Australia and as north as the Arctic Circle. The setting of each book gives rise to thrilling opportunities. In the Great Snarl – the city – we found a jagged world of walls and graystone. Isla struggled to survive against speeding manglers and snatchers who gather up foxes and take them away.

The Wildlands are different. In the old stories of foxes, they were the best of places. They were packed with forests, waterfalls, cliffs and streams. It was in their peaceful meadows, beyond the walls and graystone of the Snarl, that foxes lived free of the furless.

But things have changed… A shadow creeps over the Wildlands. A mysterious fox called the “Mage” is harnessing foxcraft and using it for wicked ends. Free foxes are falling to his control. Lush forests have withered and meadows rot. Isla will not find it easy to cross these vast lands. Perhaps she hopes the Elders will help her… But what does she really know about this secret society of shapeshifting foxes?

Look out for the Snowlands in book 3 – the frozen lair of the Snow Wolves…

Happy reading, animal-lovers! And, as Wildlands foxes say: Run fast, be safe, live free!

- Inbali Iserles


Image of Inbali Iserles by Richard Mansell