A Conversation with the Creators of the Future Baby Series

Guest Blogger  //  Feb 13, 2020

A Conversation with the Creators of the Future Baby Series

This Presidents’ Day, we wanted to pose an important question—could Baby be president?

In the adorable board book Future President, author Lori Alexander and illustrator Allison Black prove it’s not such a bad idea. Baby is a great leader (just ask her stuffed animals), and when she speaks, people listen!

Below, Lori and Allison offer some fun behind-the-scenes facts about themselves, their process creating the book, and their own hopes for the Oval Office.

Allison Black: On the first spread of Future President, I included a donkey and an elephant stuffed animal among the other toys at the swearing in.  They are meant to represent the two major political parties of our country: the Republican Party (elephant) and the Democratic Party (donkey). 

Lori Alexander: I love seeing a female candidate featured on the cover of Future President. I hope illustrator Allison Black has a sixth sense about these things.

AB: My two-month-old daughter has been very busy in her “Oval Office” practicing her skills as a future crawler and a future leader.  

Lori Alexander: My favorite part of Future President is when Baby negotiates a trade agreement with her playmate. What a graceful leader!

Allison Black: Around the world there are leaders of every color, race and gender.  I tried to show this diversity in the illustrations of Future President and I hope to see more of this in our country's future leaders.

LA: I could never be president—I'm afraid of podiums. I am much more comfortable behind my computer working on a new book.

AB: I enjoy visiting our nation’s capital and have been twice in the last three years.  My favorite monument is the Lincoln Memorial.  My three year old son's favorite spot is the National Mall's carousel.   

LA: Once, I was able to peek inside a retired Air Force One plane used by Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Johnson. It was on display at an airfield near my home in Tucson, AZ.

AB: While I don't personally have political aspirations, I do hope to see a female president voted into office during my lifetime.   

LA: I am the mother of two children who have declared themselves to be a “Future Engineer” and “Future Doctor.”


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