Coming Soon... Cat Kid Comic Club: On Purpose

Guest Blogger  //  Jan 31, 2022

Coming Soon... Cat Kid Comic Club: On Purpose

A special behind-the-scenes look at the cover of Dav Pilkey’s newest graphic novel

Readers everywhere can’t get enough of the heartwarming books by Dav Pilkey! A spin-off of the phenomenally popular Dog Man graphic novels, Cat Kid Comic Club has captivated kids and parents with its laugh-out-loud humor and engaging stories, while fostering creativity, collaboration, independence, and empathy.

Dav, who has been working on his books in his studio in Japan, said, “With the Cat Kid Comic Club series, my hope is that kids find joy in reading, appreciate different ways of thinking, and find their purpose as they dream up their own stories.”

Here on OOM, we love giving our readers early looks at books by renowned authors and illustrators, including this special Dog Man sneak peek from Dav a couple of years ago. So we are supa-stoked today to share this behind-the-scenes look at the cover of Cat Kid Comic Club: On Purpose, out in-stores April 5th!

Dav Pilkey himself created all the elements for this cover art which features some of our favorite Cat Kid Comic Club characters. Here is a closer look at Dav creating Li’l Petey. You can also see Dav’s early sketch of the cover in the background.

Dav used clay and aluminum foil to create Li’l Petey by hand.

Here you can see Dav in the process of painting his Li’l Petey character. 

Notice the blue robot in the background. Could this be a new character from Cat Kid Comic Club: On Purpose? We can’t wait to find out!

Next, Dav created the landscape for the cover by adding the grass, and attaching the tree made of cardboard and wire.

Now we are getting close to the finish line! Dav used different colors of construction paper to create the leaves for the tree, giving it a 3-dimensional effect.

We love this supa epic book cover and we can’t wait to read Cat Kid Comic Club: On Purpose on April 5th! And don’t forget to check out the first two books in the series, Cat Kid Comic Club and Cat Kid Comic Club: Perspectives