Coffee and books

Morgan Baden  //  Sep 29, 2016

Coffee and books

Picture it: Sunday morning. A hot cup of coffee. A good book. 

It's the height of luxury, isn't it?

Today is National Coffee Day, and as readers, it's no surprise most of us love to enjoy our morning cuppa with some quality reading material. 

I don't drink a cup until I get to the office most days (and even then, it's decaf), where I like to sip while browsing my Twitter feed, my emails, and my Facebook timeline. But in a perfect world, I'd be curled up on a couch under a cozy blanket, sipping while reading something beautiful, like Mary Oliver's poetry or maybe some Italo Calvino. (Of course, if my toddler is around, I'd be reading books about trucks and/or the alphabet, which are her two current obsessions!)

I asked around to see what everyone likes to read with their first cup of joe:

Anushka: Early in the morning my brain isn't totally working, so while having coffee I like to read books that are on the lighter side -- ones that tend to be funny so I can start my day off well. The last one I enjoyed was Grasshopper Jungle by Andrew Smith. 

Nicole: I prefer to read poems or short stories while I sip, since it would call for a lot more coffee for me to finish a book! I really enjoy reading shorter passages that allow me to read from beginning to end, satisfying both my caffeine and my literary needs. Some of my favorites are Edgar Allan Poe or Shakespeare!

Alex: My first cup of the day is accompanied by the morning news, either via The Skimm or my Twitter feed! Both the coffee and the news are served straight to the point and devoured quickly. For my afternoon cup, usually a vanilla latte, I pair it with some light reading, something I can easily pick up and put down, like a gossip magazine or a lifestyle blog. Both the latte and the reading serve as a nice break from the stresses of the day. 

Gina: Does reading the cereal box count? (This is a serious answer!) When I'm on vacation at the Jersey Shore, I love to drink a cup of coffee on the hotel balcony facing the beach while reading the local paper

Julia: I just got my hands on Groovy Joe: Ice Cream & Dinosaurs, the new picture book by Eric Litwin and Tom Lichtenheld. I brought it home for my four-year-old daughter, who is so into it and asks me to read it in the mornings before preK. So these days, before 8am, I drink my cup of joe and read Groovy Joe


How about you?