Celebrating Library Lovers' Month

Guest Blogger  //  Feb 4, 2020

Celebrating Library Lovers' Month

Blog post by Chelsea Fritz, Library Assistant, Scholastic Corporate Library and Archive

Happy Library Lovers' Month from the librarians at Scholastic!

February marks Library Lovers' Month and we are celebrating it here at Scholastic. The library has always been a sanctuary for those seeking knowledge. It is a place where everyone is accepted, a place that welcomes all. I chose to become a librarian because of wonderful experiences I have had within the walls of many libraries. At Scholastic, we assist the entire company with research and literary needs. We provide a space where all patrons can come and enjoy the library, and our art is part of the experience.

How can you celebrate Library Lovers' Month?

You can show support getting a library card to your local library. If you already have a library card, head to your library this month to see what new books are available. You can also get information on what programs are currently being offered to patrons.

Libraries are community spaces, from events to books clubs to musical performances, libraries bring people together. You can check your local library’s event page online or in person for information on what events they are having this month. There is no end to the information you can gain, the people you can meet, and the books you can fall in love with, within the walls of a library.

Keep a look out how your local libraries participate in Library Lovers' Month!