Celebrate Shark Week with facts from Hungry Shark

Guest Blogger  //  Jul 26, 2019

Celebrate Shark Week with facts from Hungry Shark

Just in time for Shark Week comes a guide to all the awesome sharks from the hit video game, Hungry Shark! With exclusive info about fearsome fish like Tiger Shark and Great White, to goofballs like Mako Shark and Porbeagle, this is a guide with some serious "teeth.” 

To celebrate this year’s Shark Week, share the fun facts with your reader from Hungry Shark: Official Shark-tastic Guide (perfect for ages 6-8). This guidebook gives information about both sharks in the real world, and characters within the Hungry Shark game!

Common Sharks

Nurse Sharks:

Did you know that Nurse Sharks were bottom-dwellers, meaning they swim very close to the ocean floor?

Bull Sharks:

Bull sharks can live in both salt water and freshwater and can swim far up rivers.

Prehistoric Sharks 


This prehistoric shark was HUGE! A megaladon tooth was the size of an adult’s hand.

Otherworldly Sharks

Robo Shark:

Meet Robo Shark, the latest in high-tech brilliance! Marvel at its infrared eyes, advanced circuitry, and computer brain. Robo shark has a lot of bugs in its system. It will break down at the most INCONVENIENT time!