Celebrate Native American Heritage Month with Scholastic Magazines+

Anonymous  //  Nov 10, 2021

Celebrate Native American Heritage Month with Scholastic Magazines+

November is Native American Heritage Month (NAHM), a time to celebrate the rich and diverse cultures, traditions, and histories of America’s indigenous peoples. Teach NAHM in your classroom with stories from Scholastic Magazines+ for grades 1–12.

For Grades 1–3

Meet Tain! He is a member of the Native American people called the Tsimshian [SIM-shee-ahn]. The Tsimshian have made totem poles for hundreds of years! Learn more about Tain, his family, and Tsimshian traditions in Scholastic News 1, “It’s a Tradition.”

In Scholastic News 2, “Our Totem Pole,” students will examine a Native American tradition and sequence the steps of making a totem pole. Important ELA skills demonstrated include: key details, vocabulary, sequencing, and nonfiction text features.

Enjoy a poem of appreciation for the colorful leaves of autumn with Storyworks 3, “Falling Leaves.” The illustrations for this poem were drawn by Natasha Donovan, a member of the Métis Nation in Canada.

For Grades 4–6

Need a brain break? Watch this Scholastic News 4 video to learn more about young Native Americans working hard to carry on traditions.

In Scholastic News 5/6, “Time for a Change?,” students will learn about two popular pro sports teams that are changing their names.

For Grades 6–12

In the paired text, “Standing Up for My Culture” in Junior Scholastic, student and changemaker Lemiley Lane fights to change her school’s mascot. Students will learn about culture, change, individual development and identity.

Striving readers will love Scholastic Action’s nonfiction feature about the top-secret heroes of World War II, the Word Warriors. Students will read about how these Navajo soldiers created a secret code using their native language in “Unbreakable”.

In Scholastic Art, students can learn more about textiles, shapes, and symbols, by reading “Generation Next.” This piece highlights three artists who share their heritage with contemporary audiences.

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