Celebrate Hispanic and Latine Heritage Month with Scholastic Magazines+

Guest Blogger  //  Sep 17, 2021

Celebrate Hispanic and Latine Heritage Month with Scholastic Magazines+

To celebrate Hispanic and Latine Heritage Month, the editors of Scholastic Magazines+ invite you to explore the lives of Yuyi Morales, a children’s book author, Cesar Chávez, a civil rights activist  and Delores Huerta, who co-founded the National Farmworkers Association with Chavez and advocated for workers', immigrants', and women's rights. Share their stories with your students for Hispanic and Latine Heritage Month and beyond.

Scholastic News

Grade 2

Read Scholastic Kid Reporter, Cami Cortes’ interview with children’s book author and illustrator, Yuyi Morales in Scholastic News. Your students will learn Yuyi’s process to make her books and how she stays inspired to keep creating. Check out our free teaching resources including a fun online game and skill sheet “Magic of Mistakes” to make text-to-self connections for a growth mindset lesson.

Scholastic News

Grade 4

Share the story of civil rights activist Cesar Chávez with this article from Scholastic News. Cesar was determined to end the hardships faced by farmworkers. He fought for fairness and respect on behalf of migrant workers and used nonviolent methods like marches, strikes and boycotts to garner support for his cause. Watch a knowledge-building video with Paul Chávez, one of Cesar’s children with your students to learn more about this important figure in hispanic culture.

Junior Scholastic

Grades 6-8

Learn about Delores Huerta, a champion for immigrant worker rights in California in the 1960s. Huerta’s efforts paved the way for laws that ensured farm workers the right to negotiate with employers over wages and working conditions.

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