Celebrate Clifford's Birthday with Our Favorite Clifford Books!

Sara Conway  //  Jan 31, 2022

Celebrate Clifford's Birthday with Our Favorite Clifford Books!

February 14th is a great day, not just because it's Valentine's Day, but it's Clifford's birthday, too!

To celebrate this amazing day—and everyone's favorite big red dog—we rounded up some of our favorite Clifford books. From board books to graphic novels, there's a Clifford book for any young reader!

Happy birthday, Clifford! 

Clifford the Big Red Dog

The original Clifford book is back in this classic jacketed hardcover edition!

"I'm Emily Elizabeth, and I have a dog.My dog is a big red dog."

This is how it all began—in 1963, Norman Bridwell published his very first Clifford book, and kids have loved Clifford ever since. Clifford is Emily Elizabeth's, and everyone's, favorite big red dog!

Clifford Loves

Clifford the Big Red Dog loves playing outside. Clifford loves reading and swimming, too. But most importantly, Clifford loves spending time with his friends—especially Emily Elizabeth! Learn about all of the things Clifford the Big Red Dog loves in this adorable, heart-shaped board book for the littlest Clifford fans!  

Clifford the Big Red Dog: The Movie Graphic Novel

It's a race through New York City in this graphic novel based on the new live-action Clifford movie!

Emily Elizabeth is struggling to fit in at home and in school when she meets Clifford, a tiny red puppy who is destined to become her best friend. But when Clifford undergoes a magical growth spurt overnight, he attracts the attention of a genetics company looking for a way to supersize animals. 

With the help of her Uncle Casy, the people in her neighborhood, and some new friends made along the way, Emily Elizabeth and Clifford have to go on the run across New York City! 

Big New Friend (Clifford the Big Red Dog Storybook)

Clifford and Emily Elizabeth are going on an adventure in this book based on the animated Clifford TV series! The two friends hear a story about a mysterious white whale who lives off the coast of Birdwell Island. Her name is Babette, and she's the same size as Clifford, which makes her the perfect new friend for the big red dog!

Clifford and Emily Elizabeth try everything to get Babette to come out of hiding. Finally, they discover that the whale's favorite thing is music! Will Clifford's song convince Babette to come say hi?

Clifford's Snow Day (Clifford the Big Red Dog Storybook)

It's a winter wonderland on Birdwell Island! After a big snowstorm, Clifford and Emily Elizabeth get their first snow day. The best friends have a blast playing Snow Rescue Squad and helping Fire Chief Franklin take care of snow duties across town.

But Clifford catches a cold from his busy day outside! The big red dog can't stop sneezing and sniffling. Can his friends on Birdwell Island help him feel better?

Clifford the Big Red Dog (Board Book)

Meet Clifford the Big Red Dog in the classic story that started it all! This durable board book edition of the first Clifford storybook invites the youngest readers into the happy world of Emily Elizabeth, her Big Red Dog, Clifford, and their friends in Birdwell Island. Life with a dog as big as Clifford isn't always easy, but it's definitely always fun!

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