Can’t concentrate? Try exercising!

Alexandra Wladich  //  Jan 31, 2014

Can’t concentrate? Try exercising!

When I found out it was “National Preschool Fitness Day” I was a more than a little excited. When thinking about school most people squirm at the thought of Physical Education, better known as Gym. For me, Gym class was a time for me to “reset” my brain, forget about the stresses of science class and partake in friendly competitions with my peers.

Today more and more Physical Education programs are being eliminated from schools. However, most people don’t realize the benefits students receive from being active go far beyond the gymnasium. For instance, did you know exercise can actually increase student performance in the classroom? Research shows that when kids exercise it improves their concentration and ability to absorb new information.

Researcher John Medina, molecular biologist and author of Brain Rules: 12 Principles for Surviving and Thriving at Work, Home and School (2008), suggests “in-classroom exercise” to help students learn. Medina suggests teachers hold exercise breaks for their students to help energize their mind and bodies. Things such as daily stretches, calisthenics, and in-place exercises, which can all be done inside a classroom, are easy solutions to help your students focus.

In addition, sharing books about fitness and healthy foods will encourage children to make the right choices from any early age.

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