Books to read with your favorite cup of tea

Raisa Masood  //  Jan 23, 2019

Books to read with your favorite cup of tea

January is National Hot Tea Month! In the winter, there’s nothing better than getting cozy with a warm drink and a good book. To celebrate the wonderful tradition of tea-drinking, we’ve compiled a list of books you can read with your favorite cup of tea! 
Choose your favorite brew from below and pair it with our recommended titles:

Black Tea (with a splash of milk!)

Having a cup of this strong, robust blend means that you’re ready for action-packed stories and hard-hitting journeys.

Earl Grey Tea 

This citrusy black tea will whisk you away to the UK, on a fun-filled excursion through British culture as you read these books.

Green Tea

These stories tug at the heartstrings—a perfect match for the soothing drink. You will experience a variety of emotions while reading these titles, much like the many varieties this tea comes in!

White Tea

The floral, delicate flavors of white tea will help you drift toward the supernatural realms of ghosts and witches.

Rooibos Tea

Meanwhile, the earthy tones of this beverage will bring you back to reality, so you can discover more about some incredible people in history! 

Herbal Tea

Herbal (decaffeinated) teas call for relaxation and some entertainment. Our graphic novel picks will certainly get you there!
Happy reading, tea lovers!