A bookish December

Morgan Baden  //  Dec 7, 2016

A bookish December

Much like there are certain books I like to read only during the sticky summer months, there are books that scream "December" to me. You know the ones—where snow-topped landscapes and holiday lights shine from the pages. Books like Little Women and The Golden Compass and even Harry Potter. (Who among us hasn't dreamt of a winter break at Hogwarts?) These are books, in my mind, that deserve to be read as winter descends, preferably by a roaring fire and with a steaming mug of something tasty.

Are there books that you read every December? I asked the other bloggers for their picks, which included:

And of course, I would be lying if I left out my favorite December book of all: The Baby-sitters Club Super Special #7, Snowbound! This is one of my comfort reads, and I always manage to find 45 minutes in between the holiday madness to read through it each year.

If you're looking to expand your list of December reads, check out these other great cold-weather books for more ideas!