Back-to-School Inspiration and Ideas for Educators

Brittany Sullivan  //  Aug 26, 2021

Back-to-School Inspiration and Ideas for Educators

The start of a new school year can be an exciting yet stressful time as educators nationwide welcome students back, whether virtually or in person. To help educators navigate this transition, we’ve rounded up back-to-school articles from the Scholastic EDU blog—our official blog about education and learning. From accelerating early language, to unlocking powerful professional learning, and understanding the importance of year-round civics education, there’s great ideas and insights that can help provide inspiration for this school year ahead.

Q&A: Rose Else-Mitchell Talks Back-to-School

Rose Else-Mitchell, President, Education Solutions at Scholastic, discusses the big challenges and opportunities for educators, what school and district leaders should be thinking about in the new school year, and more.

Accelerating Early Language to Improve Later Reading Comprehension

Tricia A. Zucker, Ph.D., Co-Director of the Children’s Learning Institute at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, explores the urgent need to invest in early learners’ language and literacy skills, which is a foundational entry point for building reading comprehension.

To Fully Engage Your Students, Lead with Humanity

Stanford University student Maya Green reflects on her experience in her high school’s creative writing program, and how that experience can be translated into lessons learned for all educators.

To Create Professional Learning that Lasts, Tap into the Power of Design and Practice

Dr. Carol Chanter, Senior Vice President, Professional Learning Services at Scholastic Education Solutions, shares her lessons learned from her time as a school principal and explores the essential components of powerful professional learning.

What Does it Mean to Lead a Literate Life?

Jessica Wollman, Senior Vice President, General Manager of Curriculum at Scholastic Education Solutions, explores how the idea of an engaged reader has transformed and how educators can support students in a hybrid print and digital environment.

Developing a “Why Not?” Mindset is Everything in This Challenging Time

Dr. Jacqueline Sanderlin, school principal and author of The "Why Not?" Challenge: Say "Yes!" to Success With School-Community Partnerships, describes how having a “Why Not?” mindset is a powerful way to support an entire community, especially in the most challenging moments.

The Power of Book Study as Professional Learning

Tara Welty, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Teaching Solutions at Scholastic, explains how book study can be a beneficial form of professional learning.

Why 3D Conversations About School Safety are Essential

Lori Brown, Ed.D. is an educator, author, and RFP Manager/Writer at Scholastic, and President of Dawn Star Consulting. This this article, she discusses the need to redefine “safe schools” with insights for educators.

To Bring Civics into Your Classroom, Follow the Headlines

Elliott Rebhun, author of Scholastic's Guide to Civics: How America Works, discusses the importance of civics education and provides insights for educators on how to utilize local news to engage students.