Author Jennifer Ziegler on writing, weddings, and siblings

Stephanie Smith  //  Jun 18, 2014

Author Jennifer Ziegler on writing, weddings, and siblings

Today OOM welcomes Jennifer Ziegler, author of Revenge of the Flower Girls, a fun and delightful middle grade novel that is sure to make you smile. This book features the adventures of the Brewster triplets as they try to stop their sister’s wedding!

Revenge of the Flower Girls has received lots of praise; School Library Journal acclaimed, “… [a] well-paced plot with realistic dialogue. There is genuine humor in the hijinks the girls devise, and the sisters do exhibit the true bond unique to multiples…an innocent and fun sibling adventure.” Jennifer was recently interviewed by Kirkus  about her inspiration for the book and the characters, and what it’s like being married to another author.

Jennifer is a wonderful storyteller and we’ve asked her to share some details from her writing process, her childhood with her two siblings, and even her own wedding. Take it away, Jennifer!

What was it like planning a wedding in real life while plotting to ruin a fictional one?

Both odd and liberating. In a way, writing the fiasco-filled wedding helped take the pressure off my own wedding. You realize that, regardless of what happens, you are surrounded by people who love you and just want to see you happy. I could trip and fall, or flub my vows, or fall face-first into the cake and it would still be OK. I would still be happily married to the love of my life. (And have a hilarious story to tell!)

What was your favorite prank the triplets played?

I love the dangling-from-the-rooftop scene. It was such an earnest effort on their [the triplets] part to gather intel that would enable them to help their sister—but also foolhardy, ridiculous, and the perfect set-up for some slapstick comedy.  As zany as the scene is, I hope it also shows that the girls mean well. They are desperate, determined and intelligent—which results in a well-intentioned yet reckless stunt.

You have a younger sister and a younger brother. What sort of shenanigans did you get up to together when you were kids (if there’s a story you can tell without getting in trouble for it today)?

My little brother elevated mischief to a high art. Anytime the fire department or police stopped by it was because some experiment or scheme of his went awry. He never hurt anyone—he was more like a white-collar crime boss who could devise all types of creative (albeit not-entirely-legal) ways of making money, and talk his friends into helping him. Strangely enough, he never got in any serious trouble! 

Once my little sister and I got our come-uppance. I can’t remember what my brother did that angered us so much, but we decided our revenge needed to be carefully plotted. Instead of tattling or yelling (which never helped), my sister and I somehow managed to talk my brother into letting us tie him up with a jump-rope and put him in the closet.  We giggled and ran off and then … forgot all about him!  He was in there way longer than we intended.  I can’t remember our punishment, but I do recall how awful we felt.  Shenanigans are better left to the pros.

Have you done any crazy pranks with your siblings or have a wacky wedding story?

Wedding Photo Credit: Sam Bond