Amplifying Our Voices: Three Authors Reflect on Hispanic & Latine Culture, Community & Connection

Langley Leverett  //  Sep 19, 2023

Amplifying Our Voices: Three Authors Reflect on Hispanic & Latine Culture, Community & Connection

Hispanic and Latine Heritage Month is a special time that honors the traditions, cultures, and histories of Hispanic/Latine Americans who have contributed to our country. As we head into this meaningful month-long celebration, we are delighted to share a few responses from some of our Scholastic authors, who discuss what this month means to them and how we can raise our voices to celebrate this memorable time.

Read below to see how these leaders honor their Hispanic and Latine culture and traditions today!

Estephanie Mosquera-Ortiz, a Puerto Rican-American educator, business owner, Scholastic author for the Our Voices: Home & Family Collection, and STEAM Mentor for the Rising Voices Collection, shares:

  • As an Afro-Latina I use my voice to show the diversity and beauty within the Hispanic community. As a representative of two worlds and cultures, sharing anecdotes, family traditions, and perspectives allows for an insight on the similarities woven between the many cultures that are found within our community.
  • As the largest population in the United States, it is important to give voice to the many voiceless members in our community. No one can speak better to the Hispanic experience than those who embody it every day in the most mundane tasks like grinding plantains for pasteles or prepping the rice for arroz dulce.
  •  In sharing the simple experiences of our everyday lives, we also share the nostalgic moments that define our culture, our home, and our identity.

Connie Pertuz-Meza, a Colombian-American writer, educator, and Scholastic author for the Our Voices: Home & Family Collection, says:

  • There are so many incredible ways to celebrate Latino Heritage Month in various aspects of my life. 
  • As a teacher, I love to share the rich history of the people of Latin America by reading picture books which cover artists, politicians, athletes, scientists, historical figures, and entertainers.
  • As a mother, I discuss the richness and complexities of my ancestry with my children for them to embrace the many traditions, which make up Colombian culture, stamping out anti-blackness and indigenous erasure for the future generations.
  • Lastly, I have begun to study curanderismo, the traditional healing faith of my ancestors, to develop a greater connection with them as well as myself. 

Lissarette Nisnevich, a Dominican-American author, early childhood expert, and business owner, and Scholastic author for the Our Voices: Neighborhood & Community Collection relates:

  • We can utilize our voices during Hispanic Heritage Month to uplift and amplify the narratives, achievements, and rich cultures of the Hispanic community.
  • By actively engaging in discussions, supporting Hispanic businesses, and sharing educational resources, we can honor and celebrate the significant contributions of Hispanics to our global society.

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