Activities to keep students learning this summer

Alexandra Wladich  //  Jul 9, 2015

Activities to keep students learning this summer

Summer is in full swing, but that is no reason to stop learning! In addition to the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge, here are some fun summer activities to engage children and spark learning.

Check out these clever ways to ensure children are writing all summer long. From keeping a journal to creating a bingo game that combines both reading and writing, these activities keep children’s skills fresh.

Use the sunshine as a learning opportunity! Children can develop social and language skills while they practice how to safely spend time in the sun. Start by having a discussion about the sun. What do children know about the sun? Introduce ways children can protect themselves from getting sunburned. Introduce sunscreen, sunglasses and the best type of clothing to wear.

These colorful ice-pop activities will get children excited about building their vocabulary skills.

Sing a song about vegetables to teach children what grows in a garden. Through this activity students will gain the knowledge and skills to select a diet that supports a healthy lifestyle and identify a variety of fruits and vegetables and how they are grown and harvested.

To expand upon problem-solving and creative-thinking skills consider trying this hands-on lesson. Children will learn about the concept of sinking and floating by making their own boats with various materials.

From lemonade stands to buried treasure, these activities will help sharpen your child’s math skills