6 Picture Books to Read This Grandparents Day

Guest Blogger  //  Sep 11, 2020

6 Picture Books to Read This Grandparents Day

Whether Grandma and Grandpa live across the country or just a few blocks away, there is nothing more special than the grandparent-grandchild relationship.

To celebrate them this Grandparents Day (Sunday, September 8th), and really, every day, we’ve rounded up a collection of five of our favorite picture books that highlight the bonds that young ones have with their nanas, papas, gramps, grams, bubbes, zaydes, omas and oppas.

Featuring unconditional love and grand adventures, the power of imagination and the power of big hugs, these titles will make every generation feel warm and fuzzy.   

Learn more below! For a chance to win all five, see details at the bottom of the post!

Grandma Loves You Because You’re You by Liza Baker with illustrations by David McPhail

The endearing sequel to the bestselling story I Love You Because You’re You, Grandma Loves You Because You’re You follows Little Fox’s special day with Grandma. As the pair makes a delicious pancake breakfast, flips through old photo albums, and plays backgammon, little ones will remember their own grandparents’ unconditional love.

The Greatest Adventure by Tony Piedra

Eliot dreams of sailing wild rivers and discovering giant beasts, but he wishes his adventures were real. Eliot's grandpa, El Capitán, misses steering his own ship through dangerous seas. This exciting picture book celebrates imagination and the ways that grandparents and grandkids can help each other find just the adventure they need.

I Love My Glam-ma! by Samantha Berger with illustrations by Sujean Rim

I Love My Glam-ma! is a joyful celebration of grandmothers who are young at heart, adventurous, and find a bit of glamour in everything they do. Whether these glam-mas are building sandcastles, riding with dolphins, or turning blankets into reading forts and super capes, they live each day with a playful spirit—just like their grandchildren.

Tigers and Tea with Toppy by Barbara Kerley with Rhoda Knight Kalt, with illustrations by Matte Stephens

Rhoda loves spending time with Toppy. He is not only her beloved grandpa, but also the world-famous wildlife artist Charles R. Knight! Every outing with Toppy—from visits to the American Museum of Natural History and the Central Park Zoo to tea parties at The Plaza Hotel—is filled with fun and adventure.

Love and the Rocking Chair written and illustrated by Diane and Leo Dillon

When a young couple buys a rocking chair for their new baby, they have no idea that it will play such an important role in their family—they read to him on the rocking chair, he plays on it as he grows, and, years later, he rocks on it with his own infant daughter. Inspired by the award-winning creators’ own rocking chair, Love and the Rocking Chair is a tender tribute to the enduring power of family love, passed from generation to generation. 

The Grinny Granny Donkey by Craig Smith with Illustrations by Katz Cowley (Available on November 10!)

 There was a sweet donkey who lived on the heath.

She was so funny with her false teeth…
Hee Haw!

Another sequel to the laugh-out-loud viral sensation, The Wonky Donkey, is here! This time, readers will meet Dinky Donkey's grandma: a grinny granky plunky-plinky swanky clinky-clanky zonky dunky-drinky clunky donkey!

Brought to life by Craig Smith's signature playful verses and Katz Cowley's charming illustrations, The Grinny Granny Donkey is just as much fun as her offspring.