6 Hispanic & Latine Books Publishing in 2022 to Look Forward To

Zakiya Jamal  //  Oct 15, 2021

6 Hispanic & Latine Books Publishing in 2022 to Look Forward To

Today's the last day of Hispanic and Latine Heritage Month but we have so many more incredible Hispanic and Latine books to look forward to next year. Check out our full list, pre-order your copies, and enter for a chance to win early copies of a few of these titles here!

Coming Up Cuban by Sonia Manzano

In the wake of a new regime in Cuba, Ana, Miguel, Zulema, and Juan learn to find a place for themselves in a world forever changed. In a tumultuous moment of history, we see the lasting effects of a revolution in Havana, the countryside, Miami, and New York. Through these snapshot stories, we are reminded that regardless of any tumultuous times, we are all forever connected in our humanity.

Witchlings by Claribel Ortega

Every year, in the magical town of Ravenskill, Witchlings who participate in the Black Moon Ceremony are placed into covens and come into their powers as full-fledged witches.

And twelve-year-old Seven Salazar can't wait to be placed in the most powerful coven with her best friend! But on the night of the ceremony, in front of the entire town, Seven isn't placed in one of the five covens. She's a Spare!

Spare covens have fewer witches, are less powerful, and are looked down on by everyone. Even worse, when Seven and the other two Spares perform the magic circle to seal their coven and cement themselves as sisters, it doesn't work! They're stuck as Witchlings — and will never be able to perform powerful magic.

Seven invokes her only option: the impossible task. The three Spares will be assigned an impossible task: If they work together and succeed at it, their coven will be sealed and they'll gain their full powers. If they fail… Well, the last coven to make the attempt ended up being turned into toads. Forever.

But maybe friendship can be the most powerful magic of all…

The Do-Over by Jennifer Torres

Kel and Lucinda had just started to get used to life after their parents’ divorce when the pandemic hit. Suddenly they are packing up to spend the lockdown with their father in his much bigger house.

During a remote newspaper club meeting, the sisters and their classmates come up with a brilliant idea. What if they bring their mom with them, and get their parents fall in love again? They think they have it all figured out until they pull in to find a red convertible parked in the driveway. Dad’s new girlfriend, Sylvia, and her daughter, Jules, have also moved in.

Join the Club Maggie Diaz by Nina Moreno and Illustrated by Courtney Lovett

Everyone in Maggie Diaz’s life seem to be finding their true passion. The one thing that defines them as a person. Her best friends Zoey and Julian are too busy to spend time after school thanks to band and comics club. Mom is finishing her last semester in college. And of course, perfect older sister Caro has her sports and tutoring club.

So Maggie cooks up a plan to try all the clubs she can! But trying to fit in with the arty cinephiles, type-A future leaders, and the fearless kids in woodshop is intimidating, exhausting, and seriously confusing. And when Maggie ends up disappointing her friends, she realizes that juggling school, friends, and all of her after-school activities isn’t what she expected. Finding herself might just require some surprising help and possibly a little magic from the bruja next door.

Horse Country #1: Can't Be Tamed by Yamile Saied Méndez

Carolina Aguasvivas grew up on the newly renamed Paradise Ranch, which she knows down to every last pony. But things are sure to change when the new owner's daughter, Chelsie Sánchez, sweeps in with an attitude and a feisty Thoroughbred named Velvet. The mare is skittish, headstrong — and Carolina is determined to ride her.

Chelsie, who considers herself too good to clean stalls, certainly doesn't seem like a real horse girl. Somehow, she thinks the same of Carolina. But Caro knows she's more worthy than Chelsie to help Velvet recover, and she's ready to prove it.

The girls may discover they have more in common than they think… including a passion for bringing the healing power of horses to every kid.

Miss Quinces by Kat Fajardo

Sue just wants to spend the summer reading and making comics at sleepaway camp with her friends, but instead she gets stuck going to Honduras to visit relatives with her parents and two sisters. They live way out in the country, which means no texting, no cable, and no Internet! The trip takes a turn for the worse when Sue's mother announces that they'll be having a surprise quinceañera for Sue, which is the last thing she wants. She can't imagine wearing a big, floofy, colorful dress! What is Sue going to do? And how will she survive all this "quality" time with her rambunctious family?

Don't forget to enter for a chance to win advanced copies of some of these upcoming releases here!