5 ways our online teacher community can help elevate your classroom

Guest Blogger  //  Oct 2, 2019

5 ways our online teacher community can help elevate your classroom

We're so excited to share that we've launched brand new Scholastic Classroom Magazine communities to help you connect and collaborate with teachers just like you! Select the right community for you based on your grade, subject or magazine, and join as many as you'd like! Here are 5 impactful ways these groups can help elevate your classroom:

1. Connect with teachers from around the world.

Get inspiration on how to use Scholastic Classroom Magazines from teachers just like you!

2. Enter exclusive Scholastic giveaways 

We give you access to exclusive giveaways that will make your classroom library the envy of your school! 

3. Share your own great ideas

Do you have a lesson or activity your students love? Here’s your moment to share with your peers! Time saving teaching ideas for your grade and subject are shared in these groups daily! Don’t miss your chance to engage with your peers and brag about your most engaging classroom activities.

4. Problem solve together

Two heads are better than one! And since our groups have hundreds of members, you’ll be in no shortage of thoughtful solutions to any issue you face in the classroom! See how other teachers are using your magazines in their classrooms and get helpful tips for using all our great online resources.

5. Get a direct line to our editors

Our editors love connecting with educators! Hearing your passionate stories, your advice and even your teaching challenges help them think about how our magazines and resources can both engage your students and meet your curriculum.

Are you ready to join the #1 teacher community? Join today!