3 powerful stories for your 9/11 lessons

Guest Blogger  //  Sep 4, 2019

3 powerful stories for your 9/11 lessons

“Where were you on 9/11?” It’s a question we still ask each other to this day. For many of us, we’ll always remember exactly where we were the day the towers fell.

Today’s students, however, may have little personal connection to 9/11. For them, the attacks on America that day can seem like distant history. 

But even 18 years later, the events of that day have profoundly shaped the world we live in. That’s why it’s still so important to cover 9/11 in your classroom. With all that’s happening in our world, the anniversary of September 11th provides a powerful opportunity to explore its lasting impact.

To help you out, the editors of Scholastic Classroom Magazines have collected three of their most personal and powerful stories about September 11th. These nonfiction articles provide an entry point into this challenging topic. In each one, students will read first-hand accounts from kids’ perspectives and learn how hope and humanity can spring from even the most painful tragedies.

For grades 3–5

“I Honor Brave Heroes” from Scholastic News Magazine

Meet a 10-year-old boy who started his own fundraiser for first responders. Hear about the 9/11 firefighter who inspired him and find out why he dedicates every mile he runs to a responder who died in the line of duty. This article also comes with a video to build your students’ background knowledge about the September 11th attacks.  

For grades 6–8

“From Terror to Hope” from Scope Magazine

Hear one girl’s incredible first-hand account of her experiences on September 11th. Your students will read about her struggles and how they inspired her to become a journalist. This article is paired with a thought-provoking piece about growing up Muslim in post-9/11 America. You’ll also get access to a very special video interview, where Scope editorial director Kristen Lewis talks about her writing process and shares her own memories of that fateful day.

For striving readers in grades 6–12

“From Terror to Hope” from Action Magazine

Striving readers can check out this story from Action magazine. It features all of the same information and first-hand accounts from the story above at a level that’s accessible. 

We hope these stories provide a meaningful way to address 9/11 in the classroom or at home. By exploring the themes of heroism and sacrifice, students can work through learning about one of the darkest moments in recent American history.

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